Whoever can get through this album start to finish without skipping anything deserves an award. One thing I pride myself in is listening to works of music all the way through; I frequently listen to albums, symphonies, operas, and other long works in one sitting without skipping a beat. I just couldn’t get through this one, though. The last few songs I ended up skipping at least the last minute, as I already knew exactly what it was going to be and I couldn’t bear it. In this instance, it’s not simply a test of patience or willpower, but a test of the ability to withstand pain. At its 1 hour 45 minute length, it’s a very long piece of music to get through by any auditory standards, even historically. With the amount of repetition and lazy musical ideas on top of the length, it came to be a very painful listening experience. Although time shouldn’t necessarily be a determining factor in musical quality itself, there is a line in length that shouldn’t be crossed when it comes to how the music is actually presented. It’s rarely an issue, but 105 minutes is indeed too long of a work that’s presented as a collection of 5-minute songs without any other artistic medium involved. That’s a red flag on its own, but I’m just getting started in talking about how awful this album is. Although I don’t take past works into account in my reviews, due to the album’s title and obvious role as a sequel to their last release a year ago, I will point out that I thought Migos’ “Culture” was actually okay. I said it was a fairly nice example of slow hip-hop and had some fun danceable textures, but it was muddled by a lot of similar boring rap techniques that should have been shaken up and differentiated. Well, “Culture II” took away any sort of exciting countermelodies, engaging hooks or succinct tunes, but multiplied the extremely boring rhythm and lack of overall risk to create a massive bucket of garbage that simply can’t be waded through. I have no real elegant way to put all the negatives about this work into words, so I will just list off all the main shortcomings in a row: the triplet rhythm in the rap was way overdone, when not in triplets the only other melodic rhythm used was straight eighths which was infuriatingly undercooked and annoying, the melodic layer was the only featured part of the music and therefore the songs had a terrible weak balance, the many vocal echoes at the ends of lines was like a preschool level attempt at musical engagement, 90% of songs had absolutely no harmonic direction with a one or two note background that was extremely thin and unsupportive, the textures themselves were super soft and flimsy with messy jumbles of small synthetic noises that were poorly chosen, there were way too many dead spots with no movement from any layer especially when the piano was present, and there were way too many phrase repetitions of extremely boring, ugly, and unnecessary material that essentially doubled each song’s length and effectively ruined any sliver of interest the music may have had. In a nutshell, that’s what went wrong. The only redeeming quality I found on this album were the electronic trap beats under every song that were at least emotionally charged enough and dictated the form in an obvious way. Beyond that, nothing was emotional, nothing was purposeful, and nothing was deserving of a listen. This either showed a complete lack of effort or a complete lack of talent. It was probably a combination of both, and in any case it should get the culprits fired from their current profession. Migos may have created something of slight interest in the past, but after this album, I hope no one gives them another chance. No matter what the messages or stories are, this album is unfortunately worthless. Go read a good book to cleanse yourself of this stupidity.

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