Album Analysis is an independent music review blog/vlog/podcast dedicated to reviewing new albums. It uses a proprietary method of review different than any other music critique platform.  Here, the music is scored based on four categories: Melodic Intrigue, Harmonic Creativity, Timbral Effectiveness, and Intangible Influence.  The final scores are determined by the average taken from the individual scores of each song/movement, then added up to make a total score out of 180.  Ranks are then given based on the total score of the work.

This blog began in 2015 under the name “The Music Observer”, switching to the name “Album Analysis” in 2018. While the review method has stayed constant, the content of the blog has changed significantly and the number of additional platforms has grown. As of 2018, Album Analysis has a blog, a YouTube channel, an iTunes podcast, and a profile on Album of the Year. All reviews are on each platform.
Any album can be reviewed regardless of its style. This blog, while able to discuss all music of any kind, will focus solely on new albums. New reviews are posted multiple times a week, with each post dedicated to reviewing a specific album. Occasionally, a special list or ranking of music or musicians based on specific criteria will be done, which will open up beyond new albums.

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About the founder:

Sam Mullooly is a young musician from Milwaukee, WI.  He has a BM degree in Music Composition, and currently works as a music editor/production manager in music publishing.  He is a composer, arranger, vocalist, editor, and journalist.  For more information visit Mullooly’s personal website: